Nursing Home


PowerLink MCHP unit, fueled by natural gas, provides the nursing home with 24-hour uninterrupted electricity demand, and generates heat energy through waste heat recovery and utilization system, providing the nursing home with hot water for bathing and washing supports, realizing cogeneration. The unit is small in size, efficient and durable, and the unit's characteristics of ultra-low noise are not easy to pollute the environment of nursing homes. It can work as a supplement to the municipal electricity supply or serve as the main power source for the nursing home independently of the grid.

Main Features

1、 Internal configuration PowerLink engine, safe and stable, cost-effective

2、 Low noise, does not affect the environment of the nursing home

3、 Fueled by natural gas or biogas, providing high quality output of electric and heat energy

4、 Total energy efficiency of >95%

5、 It is not affected by the external environment and runs continuously and stably.

6、 Ability to priorities to choose more power or heat first

7、 Easy connection: intelligent control system, one-click operation

8、 The heat exchanger reduces the high-temperature of exhaust gas, and the exhaust temperature can reach a minimum of 60oC


1500RPM 400V 3PH ,380V 415V 440V Available

CHP Model Fuel KWe KWt Specification
ACG10S-NGNatural Gas1020Download
ACG20S-NGNatural Gas2046Download
ACG30S-NGNatural Gas3049Download
ACG50S-NGNatural Gas5075Download


1800RPM 220V~240V 3PH

CHP Model Fuel KWe KWt Specification
ACG10S-6NGNatural Gas1020Download
ACG20S-6NGNatural Gas2046Download
ACG30S-6NGNatural Gas3049Download
ACG50S-6NGNatural Gas5075Download