Turning the "Waste" to "Treasure"

 PowerLink Biogas Generator Sets

Recently, the China Environment Exhibition, Distributed Energy Exhibition, and Biomass Gas Forum were held in Shanghai in sequence. We gathered in Shanghai to discuss the advanced water, solid waste, air, site remediation, and energy efficiency one-stop solution; the subject of biomass generation project and gas distributed energy project were pushed to the hot topic again.

PowerLink participated in these exhibition and forums and introduced its products and services to the participants.

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Professional Distributed

As a professional distributed energy equipment manufacturer, PowerLink can provide our global users with safe, environmental-friendly and cost-effective biogas generator sets with the power range of 50-2000KW and the generation efficiency of 35-40%. If used as CHP units, the efficiency can reach up to 84-90%.

Turning the waste to the treasure

                         With the characteristics of highly integrated, easy installation, easy operation, low cost and less pollution, PowerLink gas generator sets, helped with the government’s subsidy policy, can really realize the object of “turning the waste to the treasure”.

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