PowerLink Invites You to Participate in the APBE2015 Guangzhou Biomass Exhibition

At present, the environmental pollution is becoming more and serious, however, the energy structure strategy with fossil energy such as coal as it subject can only increase pollution to the environment. The only way to reduce pollution and response to global climate change is to promoting energy diversification, reduce the proportion of fossil energy, and increase the ratio of renewable and alternative energy. 

PowerLink is always committed to the promotion of renewable energy sources. In August, 2015, we PowerLink will participate in the fourth Guangzhou Biomass Exhibition.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


New energy, new product.  With rich experience of product sales, service and research, PowerLink designs, assesses, and tests each of its gas generator set, CHP unit and CCHP unit. 

Odoo CMS - a big picture

With the power range of 8-1000kW, PowerLink gas generator can choose nature gas, oil associated gas, coal mine gas, landfill gas, sewage treatment gas, and straw gas as fuels. PowerLink can provide with its global users with various biogas generator sets, CHP units as well as full set solutions. PowerLink gas generator sets are featured with the characteristics of fully-equipped, high adaptability, easy installation, short delivery time, easy maintenance, low failure rate and long service life.