Lighting Tower Solution

Power link are providing a comprehensive range of lighting towers that are mobile, compact, robust and versatile. Those lighting towers are ideal if you need great visibility for roadsides, mining, construction sites and development projects, they are also frequently utilised as a general lighting solution for outdoor activities, to photo shoots, film sets and even emergency situations, where is no other power infrastructure and environmental conditions are far from favourable.  All of our lighting products are designed to raise in the shortest time mechanically allowed, and are stablised with jacks even on irregular ground. The integration of PLC control panel facilitates the entire operation and maintenance.

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E-series Lighting Tower

The E-series Power Link lighting tower is a small, lightweight mobile tower for the most economic usage. With a manual mast for folding down could be handled by a solo engineer for the easiest operation and optimized transportation. When lights are fold, 16 units could be fitted into one 40-foot container. With a 359-degree rotation, it reaches the most freely control of the lighting coverage.

S-series Lighting Tower

Power link S-series lighting tower is the most widely used lighting solution in various scenarios. The S-series has options to have AUS, US and Europower output and towing bracket for the transportation. The energy saving type of halogen floodlight is adopted for the longest lifetime usage. The telescopic mast design with integration of PLC control panel, allows the full extension of the lighting to 9 meters high at the touch of a button.

G-series Lighting Tower

Our G-series lighting tower is specially customized for mining industry. Due to the nature of this industry, the biggest implementations are stabilization and convenience for transportation on uneven ground. The hydraulic mast allows the smoothness of extension of 11 meters high by ully digital control. The 4 x halogen lamps deliver a more focused directional light. The overall built is weatherproof to resist extreme conditions, it is the most reliable and powerful series of our lighting product.

GLS-series Lighting Tower

The GLS-series utilize the LED light to cut fuel consumption and therefore saving energy. With 5 LED lights, the GLS-series generates the equivalent lighting effect with 10 times more lifetime than conventional floodlight. The natural of the LED light allows long working hours without overheating and saves energy by cutting fuel consumption. The extra fuel tank capacity gives supplies 20 hours running without refueling.

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