Diesel Genset Solution

- A wide range of diesel gensets for global customers

Power Link diesel generators are designed for operating in all weather conditions; with the output power range of 10-2000kVA either as a continuous power source or as an emergency backup power supply. The diesel gensets are fine converted to fit for all international consumers from Europe, the United of State and Australia, etc.

- A reliable & durable continuous power source

Power Link Group’s cooperation programmed assists potential companies or any third party in seeking out new business opportunities and partnership. Besides a comprehensive support from our manufactured items, the collaboration is also focused on the development of new energy (biogas power plant, natural gas, the conversion of general wastes such as food, crop straw, manure and other organic waste, etc). Power Link Group has currently set up several special investment institutions across South America, South Asia and China.

- Contingency power plan for when the unthinkable happens

Normally, the unit should  always be ready to start. When the mains or other key power supply is interrupted, the standby unit should start immediately. When the mains or others recovered, the diesel genset should be able to continue about 180 seconds (adjustable) until the mains power supply is stable.

Before converted to mains supply, the genset will continue for 0 to 300 seconds(adjustable) and shutdown automatically.