Air Compressor Markets

- Pipeline service

Compressed air can be used to drive a series of PIGs (swept balls) through the pipeline. 

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Requirement & Challenges


  • Prevent the paint slot from stirring and optimize the mixing quality of the paint tank
  • Superior clean surface efficacy
  • Silicone resin is very easy to pollute the coating, excellent compressed air to help form water-based coatings, free from pollution
  • The assembly robot drive ensures the continuity of production
  • High quality compressed air to reduce the emission of polluted air


  • Ordinary pipeline cleaning, time-consuming and power consumption, and is difficult to clean, usually pipe coating work because of the pressure control is extremely high precision requirements, ordinary instruments can not meet.

The selection of mobile wood screw screw air compressor, not to the road version, speed is less than 25 km/h; quiet type design, rainproof, dustproof, low noise, noise pressure: 59-72 dBA@7m; random equipped with compressor coolant. In order to meet the complex outdoor and harsh environmental requirements, according to need can increase the options in the -20-+50 to meet the extremely cold or hot climate long time operation.

  • Simple structure, high reliability, low cost of life cycle maintenance;
  • Light weight, less land occupation, good dynamic balance, no need for foundation installation;
  • The pressure control adopts the pneumatic control component, the power saving capacity adjustment, 0% ~ 100% load control, can adjust the power consumption automatically with the actual use of the amount;
  • High automation, simple operation and maintenance, strong adaptability;
  • The use of safe and reliable, with explosion-proof, overload, short circuit, phase break, leakage, anti self starting protection, but also with over temperature automatic shutdown protection and capacity adjustment, pressure valve, safety valve three protection, to prevent compressor over pressure operation;
  • High manufacturing requirements, strict quality control requirements for spare parts; Applicable scope: - exhaust pressure single stage double level less than or equal to 1.4MPa, less than 3.5MPa; the exhaust is less than 100m3/min;
  • Mobile flexible, easy to operate, convenient maintenance;
  • Reserve additional equipment space, standard options can be selected according to your needs;
  • Noise pressure: 59-72 dBA@7m.