Air Compressor Markets

- Automotive industry

The main uses of compressed air in the automotive industry are: clean cars, water-based paints, painting aids and automatic stamping.

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Requirement & Challenges


  • Prevent condensation when paint tank is stirred; optimize the paint tank mixing quality;

  • superior clean surface efficacy;
  • Silicone can easily contaminate the coating, excellent compressed air helps form water-based coatings;

  • Adopting an assembly robot to ensure the continuous production; 

  • High-quality compressed air reduces polluting air emissions;


  • Spray painting is rapid, continuous operation, spray without condensation
  • Spray paint surface should be good, corrosion resistance and luster
  • It is required that spraying is effective and should not be discharged into the air

Provide air cooled 45 degrees ambient temperature design units, can be suitable for 0 to 45 degrees working environment, integrate all of the core components and basic options, the formation of "integration" unit, 400V/230V + 10% 3PH 50Hz, designed to meet the international standard IEC60038, supplied with coolant compressor.

  • The full range of products, programs to provide, reduce user requirements for product technology, so that the use and maintenance of units easier;
  • air cooled 45 degrees ambient  temperature design, suitable for 0 to 45 degrees working environment, meet the all-weather operation requirements;
  • The chassis has the design of anti distortion and anti seepage, no pollution to the ground;
  • quiet box, through the centrifugal fan, air duct and sound insulation cotton combination design, effectively reduce noise, noise pressure: 59-72 dBA@7m;
  • PLC-5000 intelligent controller, with a number of data display, monitoring and other functions, and can be seen at 45 degrees angle;
  • Reserve additional equipment space, standard options can be selected according to your needs.