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- Power Plants

PowerLink has lot of experience in power plants. The entire power plant mainly includes automatic oil supply system, power generation system, power distribution system, intelligent control system, lightning protection system, lighting system and fire protection system. In order to ensure continuous safe and stable operation, PowerLink provides a complete system solution for power station! 

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Requirement & Challenges

Low noise, small vibration

  • Silenced film made by special process, adopts special channel for ventilation with heavy-duty muffler, which has excellent noise reduction effect.
  • High-energy rubber shock-absorbed by rubber pads which provided at the engine, generator and chassis joints, which can reduce 80-85% of the vibration and make the unit run smoothly.

High security

  • Fully enclosed container structure design, high temperature components are insulated

  • The charged components have sufficient insulation protection against electric shock

  • The inner wall material is made of galvanized punched steel plate, which has good rigidity and flatness and high oxidation resistance.

  • Automated devices create favorable conditions for unattended operations and prevent harsh environments from causing health and safety threats to operators

Advanced intelligence

  • The oil supply system adopts full-intelligent control, automatic oil supply and reduces manual labor, allowing the plant to run continuously for a long time
  • The control system adopts a centralized control method to comprehensively monitor all main and auxiliary equipment and systems.
  • Three-terminal intelligent control - local control, remote OSC control and mobile phone APP control can monitor and control power station operation at any time.


The fuel input system, electrical energy and thermal energy output system and intelligent control systems all adopt modular structure design. They are plug-and-play and easy to use, ensuring plant operates in short time.

  • A full range of products, programs to provide, reduce user requirements for product technology, so that the use and maintenance of the unit is more simple and easy;
  • The control system has AMF function, can be automatically started, and has a number of monitoring under the automatic shutdown and alarm function;
  • ATS can be selected, small units can choose unit built-in ATS;
  • ultra low noise power generation, to meet the needs of daily life;
  • Stable performance, the average failure interval of the unit is not less than 1000 hours;
  • The unit is small in size and can be equipped with some devices to meet the requirements of cold and high temperature areas;
  • The special needs of some customers can be customized design and development.