Lighting Tower Markets

- Road Works

On the process of road construction, PowerLink mobile lighting vehicles are widely used for night operation. Users can be selected according to the size of power consumption and lighting brightness requirements. In addition to requiring simple operation and continuous uninterrupted operation, the unit should have low noise and be used in harsh environments, such as uneven placement of ground, resistance to high winds, protection against rain and dust. 

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Requirement & Challenges


  • Easy to use

  • Uninterrupted

  • Low noise

  • Rainproof and dust-proof

  • High Brightness


  • Rainproof and dustproof

  • Resistance to strong winds

  • It is required that spraying is effective and should not be discharged into the air
Power Solution

PowerLink provides nighttime lighting solutions in the road construction area, with advantages such as high efficiency, energy saving, high brightness and long battery life. It is the embodiment of "green lighting" and has good social benefits.

  • The full range of products, programs to provide, reduce user requirements for product technology, so that the use and maintenance of units easier;
  • Air cooled 45 degrees ambient temperature design, suitable for 0 to 45 degrees working environment, meet the all-weather operation requirements;
  • The chassis has the design of anti distortion and anti seepage, no pollution to the ground;
  • Quiet box, through the centrifugal fan, air duct and sound insulation cotton combination design, effectively reduce noise, noise pressure: 59-72 dBA@7m;
  • PLC-5000 intelligent controller, with a number of data display, monitoring and other functions, and can be seen at 45 degrees angle;
  • Reserve additional equipment space, standard options can be selected according to your needs.