Air Compressor Markets

- Drug Manufacture

Stirring liquids, gas (oxygen) for fermentation of antibiotics, transporting raw materials, mixing and stirring raw materials, driving centrifuges, pneumatic control, blasting, spray drying, liquid transfer, vacuum drying, and vaporization.

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Requirement & Challenges


  • Prevent the paint slot from stirring and optimize the mixing quality of the paint tank
  • superior clean surface efficacy
  • silicone resin is very easy to pollute the coating, excellent compressed air to help form water-based coatings, free from pollution
  • The assembly robot drive ensures the continuity of production
  • high quality compressed air to reduce the emission of polluted air


  • Antibiotics and lactose production process requires sufficient oxygen ventilation, ordinary machinery can not always meet the absolute health of drug production, drug production also requires automation.

Provide air cooled 45 degrees ambient temperature design units, can be suitable for 0 to 45 degrees  working environment, integrate all of the core components and basic options, the formation of "integration" unit, 400V/230V + 10% 3PH 50Hz, designed to meet the international standard IEC60038, supplied with coolant compressor.

  • The full range of products, programs to provide, reduce user requirements for product technology, so that the use and maintenance of units easier;
  • Air cooled 45 degrees ambient temperature design, suitable for 0 to 45 degrees working environment, meet the all-weather operation requirements;
  • The chassis has the design of anti distortion and anti seepage, no pollution to the ground;
  • Quiet box, through the centrifugal fan, air duct and sound insulation cotton combination design, effectively reduce noise, noise pressure: 59-72 dBA@7m;
  • The chassis has the design of anti distortion and anti seepage, no pollution to the ground;
  • PLC-5000 intelligent controller, with a number of data display, monitoring and other functions, and can be seen at 45 degrees angle;
  • Reserve additional equipment space, standard options can be selected according to your needs.