Powerlink Group plans to help potential companies or any third parties find new business opportunities and become partners.

In addition to providing full support for existing projects, we also focus on developing cooperation in new energy, including biogas, natural gas, food, crop straw, manure, and other organic wastes. The Group has established a series of independent investment institutions in China, South Asia and South America.

PowerLink investment projects

We look forward to cooperating with global financial institutions, energy agencies, and contractors to increase the capital return on investment. To maximize the versatility of the business, we are willing to discuss various types of cooperation and development proposals: Construction Project, BT (Construction and Transfer) Project,BOT (Construction and Operation Transfer) Project and EPC (Project Procurement Construction) Project

From manufacturing to sales and services, Powerlink Group is a one-stop supplier in the energy regeneration and energy utilization field. We advocate cooperation and mutual benefit, and we hope to help you achieve your goals. We can provide all services, including one-to-one services, and can meet even greater trade demands.

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