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In the future, our power grid could be made up of many decentralized micro cogeneration units to form a system.Cogeneration systems are becoming increasingly important in the transition of the energy sector to a decentralized, stable and sustainable power grid.

Combined heat and power (CHP) is an efficient and clean way to generate electricity and heat from a single fuel source. The engine drives a generator to generate electricity, and in the process the waste heat generated is recovered and converted into useful heat.Electricity generation produces two kinds of waste heat. The first is heat recovered from the water in the engine jacket , which cools the engine. Secondly, it is the heat in the exhaust that is transferred through a heat exchanger. This collected waste heat can now be used to generate heat, cool, or steam.

Cogeneration systems are usually installed on site and provide heat and electricity directly to users when they use them, thus helping to avoid the heavy losses that occur when power is transferred from large centralized power plants to users.

Main advantages of cogeneration

Significant savings in energy costs

Quick return on investment

Independent to the increase of energy prices

Lower long-term projections for the energy budget

Total cost control

Highest reliability and efficiency

In operation during grid failures

Achieve the highest environmental standards

Sustainable energy investment

Comply with government carbon regulations

Powerlink MCHP unit, is designed for the development of distributed energy solutions. Natural gas and biogas as the fuels to generate electricity, at the same time generate heat by utilizing the waste heat recycling system, bringing cogeneration into reality, to satisfy residential areas, hotels, hospitals, fitness centers, nursing homes, health clubs etc., who are in favour of energy for heat and electricity. The unit is small, efficient, energy - saving and durable. Depending on the installation location and application requirements of each project, we provide investors with suitable types of units to meet different types of application needs.

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Main features

1、Clean energy: the output of high quality electric and thermal energy

2、High efficiency and energy saving: total energy efficiency >95%

3、Excellent design: modular structure, plug and play

4、Perfect control: ability to priorities to choose more power or heat first

5、Easy connection: intelligent control system, one-click operation

6、Ultra-low exhaust temperature: the heat exchanger reduces the high-temperature of exhaust gas, and the exhaust temperature can reach a minimum of 60oC.


1500RPM 400V 3PH ,380V 415V 440V Available

CHP Model Fuel KWe KWt Specification
ACG10S-NGNatural Gas1020Download
ACG20S-NGNatural Gas2046Download
ACG30S-NGNatural Gas3049Download
ACG50S-NGNatural Gas5075Download

1500RPM 400V 3PH ,380V 415V 440V Available

CHP Model Fuel KWe KWt Specification


1800RPM 220V~240V 3PH

CHP Model Fuel KWe KWt Specification
ACG10S-6NGNatural Gas1020Download
ACG20S-6NGNatural Gas2046Download
ACG30S-6NGNatural Gas3049Download
ACG50S-6NGNatural Gas5075Download

1800RPM 220V~240V 3PH

CHP Model Fuel KWe KWt Specification


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