- Quick response to global power demand

Investment in commercial power supply product is often an expenditure that can affect cash flow significantly. Renting Power Link products is a cost-effective way to fulfill project resource requirements where demand varies. We are fully aware this situation and are pleased to offer an extensive rental program. We commonly found our products were widely applied in critical scenarios such as lighting supply on building sites, uninterrupted power supply in sports venues, train station, hospital, bank, telecommcation industry, oil field, mining, railway engineering.

In order to assist with the various projects from global market, Power Link rental division provides a customised rental plan to each individual; from bespoke power supply to our other extensive engineering equipment such as lighting tower and air compressor, we are fully committed to work to provide achievable solutions within budget and time, our experienced technical team is standby 24/7. Over 275 well selected certified items, waiting for call off on your project today.

CE, UL, EPA, CSA shipping certification Approved

- Rental products

Throughout 16 years in the industry, Power Link has a well understanding towards the current market and therefore has well selected a range of rental items for all general serving purposes. “ Practical and durable” is a top priority for us and we have summarised the key features of those rental line products for your quick consideration:

Rental Diesel Generator


  • Full Range of Products
  • Customerised Programs
  • AMF Functional Control System
  • Optional ATS / Build-In Availability
  • Noise Control 60dB (A)@7m for 30KVA Genset
  • Reliability Test: average fault interval 1000hrs
  • Compact Design for Transportation / Store
  • Unit Can Be Tailored for Harsh Environment
  • Costomisation Availability upon request

Rental Lighting Tower


  • Noise Control 62dB (A)@7m for average modes
  • Automatic Sound Control Alarm System
  • Tank Capacity for Minimum 20hrs Supply
  • Dual Optional Lighting Sources: LED / Halogen
  • 6 Types for Various Applications
  • Comprehensive Power Output Outlet (AU, US, EU, etc)

Rental Air Compressor


  • Harsh Environment Tolerant (-15 - 45 degrees Celsius)
  • Customerised Programs
  • Full Closed Reinforced Chassis Design
  • “Mute Box” Design Noise Reduction 59-72 dBA@7m
  • Air Dust Insulation Material
  • PLC-5000 intelligent controller
  • Omni-Directional Data Display
  • Over 15 Language Support
  • Multi-Machine Central Control Recognition