Welcome to PowerLink 2018 China Expo

Exhibition information:

Location:Shanghai New International Exhibition Center(No. 2345, Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai)

Extension:3-5 May 2018

Powerlink Booth Number: E6 Pavilion 6515

The IE Expo 2018 nineteenth China Expo was opened in May 3rd by the Munich International Expo Group, the China Environmental Science Society, the whole Association of environmental services chamber of Commerce, the China trade Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and other units. This time we brought new products and techniques to the field of waste energy sources and utilization. A lot of industry customers have paid attention to it.

PowerLink, as a global professional distributed energy and renewable energy manufacturer, diesel and gas generator supplier and service provider, this time mainly displays open and silent cogeneration generator sets, which use natural gas or biogas as fuel to drive internal combustion engine to drive generator output. , thermal energy, energy efficiency and cascade utilization of energy.

Our popular products :

new member GXC1000:The modular biogas cogeneration unit

Biogas pretreatment system: It integrates biogas dehydration, pressurization, filtration and gas detection.

Desulphurization system: A chemical desulfurization system designed specifically for removing H2S from biogas.

Biogas turbocharger: The unique designed booster fan for regulating gas pressure in the pipeline is highly efficient and reliable.