PowerLink Distributed Energy Products Promotion Meeting

Promotion Meeting

On March 26th, PowerLink Distributed Energy Products Promotion Meeting was held in No.2 plant of PowerLink Shanghai located in the Science and Technology Park of Songjiang, Shanghai in China. Representatives of our distributors and users all over China participated in the meeting and witnessed the advancement of PowerLink distributed energy products.
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PowerLink CHP Unit Testing Center

Professional technician from PowerLink introduced to the visitors the current status of energy utilization at home and abroad and the advantages of PowerLink gas energy products from the aspects of emission, cost and efficiency.


Visitors were surprised by the perfect performance, easy operation and maintenance as well as attentive after-sales policy of PowerLink gas generator set and CHP unit. Most of the visitors said that they would made PowerLink gas generator sets and CHP units as the main sales products in their respective market.


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With the applicable fuels of natural gas or special gas, PowerLink gas generators are featured with the characteristics of low production cost, less environmental pollution and less transmission loss. With capability of tri-generation of cold, thermal and electric energy, PowerLink’s CHP units can realized the energy utilization rate of as high as 90%. With the reduction of fossil energy and increase of environmental pollution, PowerLink gas generator set solution meets the development need of the industry and is considered as the third energy alternatives.