New Arrival ! PowerLink WPS2250S Highly Efficiently Containerized Diesel Genset Comes !

Product Description and Application

 Powerlink Diesel Genset, a high quality power generation product. It can not only be used as emergency or standby power supplies to meet customers’temporary use but also be used as 365/24 normal power supplies. They can bring high social and economic benefit and can be used in a wide range.

The gensets are mainly used in city construction and industrial fields, such as municipal construction, ports, docks, mines, power stations, construction sites, industrial enterprises, military facilities, shipbuilding and so on. And often used in business field, like hotels, hospitals, schools, and banks, etc.

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Product Features

 •       Highly integrated containerized modular structure, can be installed and put into use quickly;

•       The single genset’s capacity is 1800kWe. The output power is large and used for heavy load.

•       Multiple gensets can be used in parallel and even can form a large or middle sized power station;

•       The full genset is equipped with a high-quality engine and a high-efficient generator. The genset is of robust power and its power generation efficiency exceeds 40%

•       The high-performance power generation special control system ensures reliable operation, stable output, and low failure rate.

•       With the comprehensive electrical protection equipment, the full genset meets various electrical safety standards such as CE and IEC. The electrical protection equipment is equipped with an emergency shutdown button, a 4-pole main switch and various micro switches, leakage protector, grounding protector, audible & visual alarm, etc.

•       Control cabinets and access doors are equipped with security locks to prevent unexpected operation and achieve unattended operation.

•       Internal large-capacity daily fuel tank, three-stage fuel filter and auto-adding-fuel system, meet continuous running and output;

•       There is a large space for maintenance, and the maintenance operation is easy and convenient.

•       The investment cost is low and the recovery cycle is short.