2018 China Import And Export Fair(Autumn)Goes Smoothly


The annual China Import and Export Commodity Fair was held in Guangzhou, China on October 15-19, 2018. PowerLink, as a professional energy equipment manufacturer, brought our energy equipments at the A03-07/B13-14 booth of Pavilion 3.1.

At the Canton Fair, Mobile lighting tower, open-type gas generator set, open-type diesel generator set, soundproof diesel generator.

PowerLink’s popular lighting equipment - MS2000, on-site boot, attracted the attention of many foreign visitors, PowerLink team explained to each interested customer; The lighting tower uses four 500 W LED energy-saving lights, high lighting quality, wide lighting range, low running noise, attracted many eyes. The ball gives it a completely new understanding of mobile lighting. It is mainly used in municipal construction, entertainment, sports events, construction and other outdoor activities for the rapid lighting.

Diesel generators , air compressors and gas generators attract many visitors’ attention, we would like to do further discussion, and sit down to discuss carefully,And make further understanding to generator set.

This green machine is PowerLink biogas generator set 200kW, high efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly with low investment cost and high cost performance. It is mainly used in agriculture, animal husbandry, organic waste water, landfill and other fields.

The blue machine shown below is PowerLink Open Diesel Generator Unit with rated power of 500 kVA. The main components are selected from the top international brands. It can be used as emergency or standby power supply to meet the temporary use of users, or as 365/24 main power supply. It is mainly used in municipal, leasing, mining, power stations, or hotels, hospitals, banks and other commercial areas.

Of course, Powerlink generators, air compressors and lighthouses are not just popular with foreign customers. A lovely African customer made an on-site deal with soundproof diesel generator set directly for fast power supply for its small building..

If you are interested in our products and need to know more about PowerLink, welcome to our factory, join us, become our long-term generators distributor.