Service Aim:

  1. Customer-centric, market-orientated
  2. Developing many new and useful products for customer satisfaction
  3. Problems solutions
  4. Progressing and developing with channel customers

Pre-sales Services:

  1. Providing standard documents
  2. Product knowledge training
  3. Product guides
  4. Products technical advisory
  5. Customisation

Sales Services:

  1. CRM
  2. Project management
  3. Customer satisfaction
  4. Following-up of orders
  5. Logistics and support
  6. Good packaging and image
  7. Inventory supplies

After-sales Services:

  1. Product technical materials supplies
  2. Guides for installation and commission
  3. Regular training of engineers and artisans
  4. Consultancy for problem solutions
  5. Long term spare parts supply and maintenance service

For Sales service, please contact:
For Market support services, please contact:
For Product technical support and after-sales service, please contact:
For more information about products and services, please click here to visit the product website queries.


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